Product No : GA-TP603
Product Description

Comfort Grip Hobby Knife

Blade Material: SKS

Handle Material: Rubber,TPR
Extra Blade: 3pcs
Blister Material: PVC
Place of Origin: Taiwan 


• Do not touch the sharp edge of the blade
• Dispose of used blade with care 
• Keep out of reach of children
• Please always to re-cap it after using



Product Introduction

About This Hobby Knife 

A reliable light duty craft knife with comfort grip is an essential tool for all types of crafting and art projects for its effortless creation of intricate lines, curves and fine details.

How to Replace the Blade

1. Twist the lock to the right to remove blade carefully
2. Insert the new blade into the metal head
3. Rotate the lock to the left to fasten the new blade
4. With safety cap to cover the blade