Product No : GA-WC130
Product Description

Comfort Grip Carving Tools

Material: Steel&Wood

Usage: Woodworking

Packing: 5 pieces per set

Logo: Customized Acceptable

Blade Material: High Carbon Steel

Export to: All countries

Place of Origin: Taiwan 


(1) Do not use when blade is damaged or deformed
(2) Wipe with a dry cloth and place in box after use
(3) Always keep Wood Carving Knife Set in the plastic box after use.
(4) Please place Carving Chisel Tools Set at the safety to avoid the child.

Product Introduction


Carving Chisel Tools Set comes with 5 different shape sizes: wide ARC, narrow ARC, angle, flat, slanting.
Perfect for beginners whether is kids or adults.
Handle be adopted soft sleeve to prevent slippery and easy to hold.
Widely use in wood working, art, crafts and DIY article projects.
Special for wooden board, rubber board and model clay carving line trimming.