Product No : GA-TP606
Product Description

Anodized Precision Knife (6 Assorted Blades)

Blade Material: SK5
Metal Head Material: Zinc alloy
Lock Material: Copper
Handle Material: Aluminium alloy
Cap Material: PS
Package: PET box
Place of Origin: Taiwan 


Do not touch the sharp edge of the blade
Dispose of used blade with care
Please avoid children
Please always re-cap the knives after using

Product Introduction
1. Widely used in art work, scrapbooking supplies.
2. Steel blades are sturdy and durable for easy cutting. The sharp blade provides a   smooth cut.
3. Aluminum Alloy handle is lightweight, comfortable to use.
4. Non-slip handle make the cutting operation safer and more convenient.

How to replace the blade

1. Unscrewed hobby knife collar and remove the blade
2. Take the blade out of the cross chuck
3. Insert the new blade and put on the craft knife collar
4. Tighten the blade with handle