Product No : GATS04048
Product Description

T Type Square Ruler (120cm)

Head Material: ABS

ABS Head Size: 23x4.5x0.75 cm

Ruler Material: Aluminum #6063

Ruler Length: 48 inch / 120 cm

Dimension: Wudth3.8 x Thickness0.16 cm

Printing: UV Ink Printed

Surface: Anodized / Silver

Place of Origin: Taiwan


  1. Clear black graduation are easy to see
  2. Perfect for measuring, cutting, drafting and picture framing
  3. ABS blue head is lightweight
  4. Precise measurements with metric and inch calibrations
  5. T square ruler is ideal for woodworkers, engineers, architects, draftsmen, artists, etc

Product Introduction

GATS04048 packing: 6 pcs/box 36 pcs/ctn 11.5/12.5 KGS 128x48x14 cm
GATS04015 packing: 6 pcs/box 36 pcs/ctn 4.5/5.2 KGS 45x48x14 cm
GATS04018 packing: 6 pcs/box 36 pcs/ctn 5.0/5.8 KGS 52x48x14cm
GATS04024 packing: 6 pcs/box 36 pcs/ctn 6.0/7.0 KGS 68x48x14 cm
GATS04030 packing: 6 pcs/box 36 pcs/ctn 7.4/8.4 KGS 83x48x14 cm
GATS04036 packing: 6 pcs/box 36 pcs/ctn 8.6/9.6 KGS 98x48x14 cm