Product No : GA-A107
Product Description

Metal Tracing Wheel Sewing Stitch Markers For Knitting

Metal Tracing Wheel / Stitch Markers
Material: Stainless Steel + Wood

Length: Approx 162 mm

Cusp Length: Approx 2 mm

Wooden Handle Length: Approx 98 mm

Weight: 21.4 g (0.75 ounce)

Suitable: Fabric, Leather and Paper

Place of Origin: Taiwan  


(1) Sharp and high quality stainless steel overstitch wheel
(2) Smooth serrate tooth, useful tool for leather craft and sewing
(3) Easy and convenient to use for tailor, dressmaker or pattern maker
(4) Tracing patterns on fabric, cloth, leather and cardboard

CAUTION : Keep the sharp wheel away from children

Product Introduction