Product No : GA-R3232
Product Description

Cutting Mat Size: Square 32 cm x 32 cm

Scale: 30 cm x 30 cm

Thickness: 7 mm

Color: Green, White, Pink, Blue or Customized

Logo: Customized or GoldenWay

Cutting Mat Material: PVC

Non-Slip Base Material: EVA

Keywords: Rotatable cutting mat, Turntable cutting mat, Revolving cutting mat


(1) Full 360 degrees rotation

(2) Rotating cutting mat smoothly, spin your mat with ease

(3) With a non-detachable and non-slip base

(4) Highly accurate grid lines

(5) Perfect for cutting without constantly moving
     and rearranging fabric or your object

(6) Ideal for cutting any shape which requires you to rotate
      your project or your body around.

(7) Available in 4 sizes, 8"x8", 13.5"x13.5", 18"x18",
     32 cm x 32 cm

(8) Colors: 25 color choices

(9) Perfect for Quilting, Cutting, Sewing and other Craft


Product Introduction
proimages/Rotating_Cutting_Mat/GA-R135135-3232-rotating-cutting-mat.jpg  proimages/Rotating_Cutting_Mat/GA-R3232-rotating-cutting-mat-2.jpg

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